The Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

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Maintaining a property is difficult, but to increase its longevity, one must do what is needed. Whether you own a commercial building or have leased one out, taking care of the building and its roof is important. The roof must be clean and waterproof at all times. When the roof develops, some problems affect the whole building to a great extent. 

From time to time, you may also need to repair the roof so that it remains intact and stable. If you own a building in Yorkville and your roof is damaged, you should call in a roof repair team. Only professional workers can repair a roof properly. There could also be chances that the roof is fully damaged and cannot be repaired. 

In such cases, you should opt for roof replacement service in Yorkville. Roof replacement is an extensive process, but it makes the commercial building roof very stable and strong. Before we understand the process of roof replacement by Roofing King, let us first understand the causes for which you will need roof replacement in Yorkville

Reasons for damage to a commercial roof 

Leaks and faulty flashing 

Leaks and faulty flashing are the most common causes of roof damage to commercial buildings. For example, 90 percent of the leaks that are found on commercial roofs are caused by improper flashing on the roof surface. If you have not hired a good, professional team from Roofing King to do flashing to the roof sides, then the flashing will give way and cause leaks.

When the installation of flashing is done to the curbs and walls, the workers have to think about the temperature fluctuations. The rate of expansion and contraction of the roof sides have to be accounted for when choosing the material and process for flashing. Apart from the flashing being incorrect, the pitch pan issues also lead to many leaks on the sides and surface of the roof. 

A pitch pan is the material that seals the piping that goes around the roof. If the sealing is not done properly, water will leak and create weakness in the roof. You should, at first, try to fix the flashing and the pitchpan if the damage is minor. If the issues cannot be fixed, you might need a roof replacement in Yorkville to maintain the integrity of your building roof. 

Wind damage to the roof 

Wind is a factor that is always present around your building, and you cannot protect the building from it completely. In areas where you have high wind speeds and thunderstorms, there can be considerable damage to the roofs, too. The winds and the dust can affect the roof surface and composition. To protect the roof from wind damage, you should use good quality roofing products that are strong against any kind of environmental damage. 

If the flashing and proofing of the roof is not done properly, the winds can put pressure on the commercial roof and cause damage over time. The wind is a slow actor, but it can damage the seams, the membranes, and the flashing of the roof if the flashing and proofing are not up to the mark. If you have a commercial building where high-speed winds are common, you have to take precautions against the wind damage that could happen. 

If the wind damage continues to happen, you will need roof replacement services. At times, disasters like hurricanes, cyclones, and severe thunderstorms can also damage the roof completely with extremely high-speed winds. In such cases, we cannot predict the loss, but prompt roof replacement service from Roofing King can help you get back on your feet. 

Puncture damage 

Sometimes, the internal maintenance process also affects the roof and causes a lot of damage. During maintenance, the roof is prone to punctures or penetration issues that could affect the roof and damage it beyond repair. If you see a lot of puncture damage and do not know if repair is possible, you should consult a professional team. 

In case a puncture happens in the roof, you should make it a point to get the roof repaired and sealed right away. If you ignore the punctures and faults, it can cause extensive damage to the roof, and then you will need a roof replacement for your building. If the roof is sealed by professional roofer services, you will be able to protect your building from roof contractions and expansions. 

Standing water 

Every roof should have a proper drainage system so that there is no water buildup on the roof. If you have your commercial building in a very rainy area, you need to plan out the roof drainage system with the help of professional architects and roofers. The drainage system also comes in handy when you are cleaning the roof to maintain it. 

The water should drain as soon as possible so that the issue of standing water does not arise. Standing water can cause a lot of damage to the roof and cause roof leaks. Standing water can cause fungal outgrowth on your roof surface and sides. The water can seep through and cause problems in the building ceiling from the inside. 

You should also review your HVAC system because problems in the HVAC system can also cause clogged roof drains and lead to standing water. The slope of the roof has to also be taken into consideration before planning the drainage. Standing water over a long time can cause permanent damage to the roof and might require roof replacement. 


You need to stress regular roof checks and maintenance if you want to avoid permanent damage to the structure. Maintaining a commercial roof is difficult because commercial roofs are usually very large and need a team. You should hire a team of professional roof cleaners and repairmen to make sure the roof is clean and protected. 

Usually, the roof can stay safe and strong for decades. However, if, for some reason, there is extensive damage to the roof, you will need a roof replacement in Yorkville. You can contact a company like Roofing King in the USA for all the roofing services you need. 

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